Programme of Talks 2019

Venue: The South Downs Memorial Hall, North Street, Midhurst, GU29 9DH

Date and Time: Usually the 3rd Thursday in the month at 7pm

January through to July; and September to November

Entry Charge: Members £3 Visitors £5 Students £1

** Members have free entry to all talks in 2019 **

Note: It might be possible for us to arrange for one of our members to give illustrated talks on Midhurst to (fairly) local organisations.  For many years Bridget Howard offered this service; more recently Dave Rudwick has taken up the challenge.  Historical walks in Midhurst can also be arranged.


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10 January: Questions and Answers with Chichester DC

We don't usually hold an event in January but for 2019 we have arranged for two councillors from Chichester DC to come to Midhurst to listen to questions from people 'North of the Downs'.  Has this ever happened before?  We are not aware of any previous visits.  This is your big chance to hear CDC answer questions on the issues that really bug you.  More details in our 'News' section.

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21 February: Affordable homes for Midhurst?

Do you want more affordable homes for Midhurst?  Adrian Moore brings us up to date with the activities of the Midhurst Community Land Trust.

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21 March: Le Salon du Chocolat: Return Visit!

Le Salon du Chocolat – By popular demand after a winning presentation in 2018!
Chocolatier 'guru' Dawn brings her knowledge and skills to a pre-Easter experience of what is the best chocolate, how to make it – and plenty of samples to try and buy!


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18 April: 58th Annual General Meeting

Vote on the boring stuff; listen to our achievements over the last year.  And have your say on what we should do in the next 12 months!

Details in our News section.

We also have a treat for you this year, with a short presentation from local artist David Johnston.  See Sussex as you have never seen her before!  There will be an opportunity to buy postcards of Dave's art, and to order prints if you want a larger format.

No entry fee for this event.  Visitors welcome, but they will not be able to vote on the formal proposals. 

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23 May: VIPs at Wimbledon!

Alan Chalmers has looked after VIP guests at Wimbledon's Centre Court for 40 years.  He's rubbed shoulders with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and David Beckham. Now he shares his knowledge of the inner workings of Wimbledon and some of his personal memories

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20 June: Art Nouveau in Architecture

Ian Gledhill makes a welcome return visit. In 2018 he amused and entertained us with a profile of the eccentric entrepreneur Magnus Volk. This year his subject will be "The Origins of Art Nouveau Architecture" - and he will examine how the style derived from the English Arts & Crafts movement.  In fact, this is the first of a two-part presentation, and we hope to persuade Ian to come back in 2020 for "The World of Art Deco" - looking at how Art Noveau evolved into Art Deco (again under British influence) and how the newer style affected every aspect of design, including of course architecture.

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18 July: Philip Jackson talks about sculpture

World-famous local sculptor Philip Jackson makes a welcome return to talk about his work.. 

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19 September: Running the Cowdray Estate

The Cowdray Estate runs a complex mix of businesses in and around Midhurst and Easebourne.  Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Russell takes us behind the scenes.

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17 October: Bertie Pearce - and that's magic!

We couldn't fit him in last year but this year Bertie Pearce returns to present an Evening of Magic.

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21 November: Behind the closed doors of Midhurst

Secrets Behind the Doors of Midhurst – An intriguing and inside look at some of the more interesting properties of Midhurst that have passed through the hands of Jackson-Stops.

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2018: summary of talks

2018 was a good year, some excellent talks with good attendances.  Can we maintain the standard for 2019?  We think we have a very good programme! 

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