Listed Buildings: Easebourne

***This page is under construction ***

We have decided to create a page of listed buildings in Easebourne, similar to that for Midhurst.  Phil Stringer very kindly offered to create the files in order for us to upload them.  He is able to draw on some wonderful black & white photographs of buildings taken by John Harrison, when he and John Stringer (Phil's father) mounted an exhibition in the 1990s.

It will take shape over the coming months, and we hope that people will share their own memories, anecdotes and back-stories of these amazing old buildings. 

Phil intends creating individual downloadable PDFs of each street, or part of each street, along the following lines:

Easebourne Lane - 7 listings      PDF available here
Petworth Road - 9 listings     PDF available here
Cowdray Park - 10 listings
Easebourne Street(Lower North) -11 listings   PDF available here  (divide between upper and lower is Wick Lane)
Easebourne Street (Lower South) - 7 listings
Easebourne Street (Upper North) - 7 listings
Easebourne Street (Upper South) - 7 listings
South Ambersham and Selham Road - 5 listings    PDF available here
Easebourne (West) - 8 listings    PDF available here
Henley (East) - 10 listings
Henley (West) - 7 listings

This might change as we get into the project.

As we build up the stories we hope that this will become a valuable resource for anyone interested in the ancient parish of Easebourne.