The Interviews

80 interviews  - and below are links to a selection with extracts and sound files.

Please enjoy reading and listening to memories of Midhurst and the surrounding villages in the words of the people who were there.

Click on the PDF links below to meet some of the interviewees.
  Page 1 John Stringer, John Backshall, John Broadbent, Marjory Bishop, Roger Ind, Fred Slade
  Page 2  Philip Hounsham, Brian & Jean Adams, Colin Hughes, Gwen & Allan Walder, Brian & Wendy Kemp,
                   Diana Watt
  Page 3  Eddie Lintott, Dennis Geal, David West, Bill White, Ann & George Marchand, Mick Gates
  Page 4  The Gamblens, John & Glenda Luff, Martin & Diane Ruinet, Hugh Horne, Robert Windle,
                    Norah Gunner, Mabel Harris, Marjorie Bishop
  Page 5  The Mitchells, The Lewis's, Ted Dummer, Frank Goodale, Dr Ivor Gabe, Peter & Peta Davis
  Page 6  John Holland, John & Molly Etherington, Stan & Berni King, Mike & Rith Colban,
                    and Tania & Gordon, and the Steering Committee

Andy Robinson recalls the Midhurst Town Crier of his childhood [more]

Alan Smith studies some sepia prints of old Midhurst [more]

John Holland records his time in Midhurst and the changes he has seen [more]

Judy Rich reads from her Mother, Dr Pudney’s memoir [more]

Tony Beck shares some of his wartime memories [more]

Marie Merrit shares her experiences as a groom for Cowdray polo ponies [more]

Technical Details


The Technical Side

A small team of interviewers collected memories using a Marantz Digital Recorder 660. This was small, easy to use, worked off either battery or the mains, and was not intrusive, as it has an integral microphone.

Transcriptions were made using Express Scribe, a downloaded computer transcription program. Foot pedals enabled the transcriber to move backwards and forwards within the recording.

To produce the book, we employed a book designer who assembled our written text onto pages, scanned and inserted photographs as appropriate, designed a layout and generally made a pile of paper into a readable book.