20 July 2023 - The Midhurst Museum

Dave and Tim Rudwick have been collectors for many years. During the 1960's Dave started taking photos of buildings that were being pulled down or shops that were having a change of use. His brother Tim concentrated on Midhurst items and managed to get hold of large quantities of old documents relating to the town and the trades that flourished in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Checking the number of collections from the Rudwick brothers, they realised there were enough items to furnish the tiny premises for at least three years without a repeat. Twelve years later, the displays still change every month with very few items appearing more than once. The Museum now features guest exhibitions from other collectors.

In 2016 the Museum opened further premises in Knockhundred Market enabling the curators to mount a more permanent exhibition of memorabilia of Midhurst and the surrounding district from the Stone Age to modern times – 'Midhurst Through the Ages'. They expanded again in April 2023 with the acquisition of the former Tea Rooms upstairs, and thus Museum Three was born. It is filled with miscellaneous collections by Dave Rudwick, including things like horse brasses, children’s shoes, gardening implements, vacuum cleaners, model carts and wagons. 

Come and see for yourself. 
The Museum is open in Knockhundred Market on Tuesdays to Saturdays each week from 10.30am to 4.00pm during April to September, and until 3.00pm from October to March. We are ably supported by volunteers who give generously of their time stewarding the exhibitions. The curators would welcome new volunteers with an interest in our local heritage and to ensure the future of the Museum.