20 October 2022 - The Artist Adrian Hill

The Midhurst Society is fortunate enough to own the original cartoon of an angel drawn by Adrian Hill in 1953 as a sign for the Angel Hotel. The large picture was given to The Midhurst Society by the parents of Dawn Adès in about 1993, and the painting was placed on permanent display in the Library in Knockhundred Row until the Library moved to the new Grange Centre. The Angel picture was featured on the cover of Issue 20 of The Midhurst Magazine in Autumn 2014, and the original now hangs in an upstairs corridor at The Angel Hotel.

Prof Adès told us that her mother and stepfather were close friends of Adrian Hill and his wife who lived in Cowdray Park. Frank Beakwell, Professor Ades' stepfather, was also an artist, so the two men had a common bond.