20th February: Renewable Green Energy from Biomass, Solar, Hydro, Wind.

Extract from press release:

On 20 February Mike Smyth, Chairman of Energy4All, described the background to Climate Change, the development of renewable energy, and the remarkable work carried out by Energy4All in helping communities across the UK play a part in setting up energy co-operatives.

Mr Smyth also gave brief details of a project that Energy4All are currently working on; at the invitation of the Midhurst Society - to install solar panels on the roof of Midhurst Rother College. The audience were very excited by this opportunity and the fact they too could become involved in a clean energy co-operative which would benefit the College as well as the environment.

There was a very good turnout of members and visitors for the talk which illustrates the interest in environmental and sustainability issues for Midhurst residents.