Facebook:  10 August 2018

The M&PO carries news items about two cycling events this week (10 August 2018). Velo South continues to attract controversy (and even hostility) over its uncompromising decision to close roads for long periods on 23 September.

But the Midhurst Ramble, raising money for the charity MIND, offers riders of all abilities the opportunity to experience either a hilly100km route or an easier 40km route on 19 August. No mention of roads being closed.

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Facebook:   30 June 2018

What are your thoughts on Velo South?

First the good news: the route doesn't include Rumbolds Hill. The bad news: every road that is included will be closed to all traffic - perhaps all day.

We are all for promoting cycling as a way of exercise and reducing traffic fumes, but is this a bit heavy-handed? It would appear the residents have been presented with a fait accompli. Their lives will be totally disrupted for a day but they were not invited to any prior consultations.

Charities will benefit, but no doubt there will also be a healthy profit for the organisers. If so, perhaps every resident should be compensated. We reckon £100 per household would smooth the way.

(18 comments; mostly hostile to the idea of road closures)