Defibrillator comes to North Street

Several years ago The Midhurst Society received a very generous legacy from Mrs E G Carne who lived in Easebourne. Last summer a Society member suggested using some of the legacy funds to buy a defibrillator for Midhurst.

Around 60,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in the UK each year. Of these, around 30,000 are treated by emergency medical services. Just 3% of patients who suffer cardiac arrests that happen outside of hospital are treated with public access defibrillators.

Without immediate treatment over 90% will die. Research has shown that an individual's chance of survival following a sudden cardiac arrest decreases by up to 10% for every minute following onset.

The Society asked Midhurst Town Council for permission to place a defibrillator in the former public telephone kiosk in North Street, but were told that it's earmarked for tourist information. The next approach was to Tesco, and Store Manager Dave Woods was delighted with the idea. He said that defibrillators have been placed in many Tesco stores, and all Tesco staff are trained in their use. He even offered to apply for funding from the charity Tesco Bags of Help. And so the proceeds from the sale of plastic bags contributed half the cost of this defibrillator, with the other half paid for by The Midhurst Society.

This is a great example of different parts of the community coming together for the common good.

The defibrillator is now in place, outside Tesco and next to the pedestrian crossing; probably the busiest part of Midhurst. Tesco staff will assist if necessary, but it is designed to be used by anyone. Let's hope it is never needed!



The ceremony in North Street on 14 January 2019 was featured on the front page of The Midhurst & Petworth Observer, who kindly gave us permission to use some of their photos.

In this group photo:
Mike Balmforth, Peter Shaw (Midhurst Society)
Zoe Nunn (British Heart Foundation)
Judy Fowler (Midhurst Town Council)
Sue Balmforth, Sue Tordoff, Harvey Tordoff (Midhurst Society)
Dave Woods (Tesco)