Defibrillator for Cowdray Sports Pavilion

Once again, The Society used funds provided by the Mrs E G Carne legacy, and were assisted by The Community Heartbeat Trust, the UK's leading community defribillator charity. It is a sobering fact that cardiac arrest if untreated can result in death in 97% of cases. With rapid action (including the timely use of an AED) survival rates rise to 70%.


Pictured is John Whitby, Chairman of Midhurst Sports Association, receiving the defibrillator from Harvey Tordoff, Project Manager for The Midhurst Society.  Harvey said “We are delighted to make this AED available to spectators and sporting men and women using the playing fields by the Cowdray Ruins. We aim to make Midhurst a better place to live, work and enjoy. Staying alive is a good first step!”


Belinda Warken, Co-ordinator for Midhurst Sports Association, added: “for all who use the sports club, member or visitor, be it for sport or social, the AED is there to give peace of mind and comfort that should it ever, and we hope not, but should it ever be needed - it could SAVE A LIFE, and that is just wonderful. One of the most important bits of equipment the sports club has ever received and every member from the rugby, cricket and stoolball  clubs, is truly grateful to the Midhurst Society for the donation.”


Photo shows:

George Burdfield, Director of Rugby - Midhurst Rugby Club
Katherine House, Captain - Midhurst Stoolball Club
Peter Glass, Chairman - Midhurst Cricket Club
Harvey Tordoff, Project Manager - The Midhurst Society
John Whitby, Chairman - Midhurst Sports Association
Andrew Down, President - Midhurst Rugby Club
and the famous Cowdray Ruins!