Midhurst Community Land Trust

Report from MCLT:

Dear Supporters,

First of all, we hope you are all well keeping safe and taking care in these difficult times.  Along with all Midhurst residents you will be delighted to learn that the Midhurst Community Land Trust (MCLT) is at long last close to acquiring sites to provide affordable homes for local people. The past twelve to eighteen months have seen a lot of activity much of which has, due its very nature, needed to be confidential. We are now pleased to announce that we have a variety of possibilities very close to fruition.

Plot 1. We are working alongside a developer to deliver their section 106 affordable housing quota and are consequently in the process of buying two 2-bedroom houses in Midhurst that were due for completion about February/March 2021 but will now be delayed until summer 2021.

Plot 2. We are in negotiations to refurbish a large building that will, subject to planning consent, be converted into 3 two-bedroom and 1 one-bedroom apartments.

Plot 3. We are close to agreeing terms to buy a small brownfield site in Midhurst and are hopeful this will be completed soon. If all goes through successfully there would be the potential, subject to planning consent and finance, to build up to 6 one-bedroom flats.

We are getting continued excellent support from both the Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority and much of what we have done during these initial stages would not have been possible without their advice and support. Already we have had grants that have enabled us to do much preparatory and feasibility work. Many local and national organisations have confidence that we (MCLT) can deliver a successful outcome.

The acquisition of property by the Midhurst Community Land Trust from builders who are required to provide affordable housing and the purchase of land to develop ourselves, requires us to seek further very significant grants.

Essential for further financial help is the business case for the Midhurst Community Land Trust. We are now preparing business plans, including detailed costings for the projects, so that we can approach wider government bodies for further grants and financial institutions for long term loans.

We need your support now
A key persuasive element in the business case is the strength of the support from the community.  Your full moral support is needed to achieve everyone’s long-term objective: more affordable homes in the area for local people and key workers, who are important to the fabric of the town and area. So, your individual support and the support of your group, society or Council will help significantly in
strengthening our business case and in securing funds. It may be that you or someone you know would want to benefit from having a property at an affordable rent. If they are local and fit our allocation policy (please see the website) then alert them to the Midhurst Community Land Trust and ask them to register their interest.

Please register either by visiting our website www.midhurstclt.org or by emailing info@midhurstclt.org and we will send to you, via the Midhurst Community Land Trust newsletter, updated information. Alternatively, you can write to us at the address at the base of this newsletter.
When times allow, we will arrange for an informal evening at the Old Library to share more fully what plans we have been able to move forward on and to answer questions about the Midhurst Community Land Trust.

It is our hope that early in 2021 the first threshold of a MCLT property will be crossed. It will be a day of celebration for whoever crosses the threshold, for Midhurst Community Land Trust and of course for Midhurst.

Registering your support to the MCLT is key to us being able to demonstrate that we have Midhurst and the surrounding area right behind us.

New Refreshed Website
Our website https://www.midhurstclt.org/ has been updated in readiness for the interest that will be raised as we recruit more supporters, apply for planning, funds and loans. It is also a place where you can register for our newsletter and updates. Please also see our Facebook page

Charitable Status
Our charitable status application is still with the Charity Commission and we should hopefully hear by the end of the summer and updates will be available on our website.

Thanks for your time and support
As mentioned, please encourage family, and friends to register their support for the Midhurst Community Land Trust.
Please take care, keep safe and look after those around you during these difficult times.

The Midhurst Community Land Trust Team
Midhurst Community Land Trust, The Old Library, Knockhundred Row, Midhurst GU29 9DQ

E: info@midhurstclt.org
W: https://www.midhurstclt.org/
F: https://www.facebook.com/midhurstclt