Newsletter: May 2020


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27 May 2020

Dear Member,


It might seem, since we cancelled our public talks, that we have been inactive during Lockdown, but in some areas we continue to beaver away. We devoted many hours to the production of our latest Midhurst Magazine (Issue 31) to mark the 60th anniversary of our formation. If you paid for this with your annual subscription, and have not yet received a copy, please let us know.  Copies are available to purchase at Dummers and the Bepton Road Spar Shop, or can be bought through our website.

On Facebook, to help counter the plethora of negative messages about Covid-related restrictions, we have been sharing photos of gardens and flowers. Your contributions would be welcome.



We have also responded to many Planning Issues, and in this I have been greatly assisted by new member Keith Tregunna. We offered our support during the consultation of two Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) issued by SDNPA, on Affordable Housing and Sustainable Construction.

We lodged a detailed and complex response to Metis Homes on their proposal for the old Brickworks and Works Depot in Bepton Road, explaining why in its present form the proposal is unacceptable.

We communicated with Cowdray Estate on the tree-felling proposal in North Street, expressing concern that it was to take place in the nesting season. Having received assurances we took no further action.

We objected to the proposal by Cowdray Estate to apply yellow paint to the window frames of Capron House.

We objected to the proposals for the conversion of Dunford House into two dwellings. The descendants of Richard Cobden are still hopeful of preserving the House and its artefacts for the nation.

We offered helpful suggestions to the Church Commissioners when they applied to SDNPA for advice on the future of West Lavington Church.

Currently, we are looking at two more issues, both relating to Cowdray Estate. There is a proposal to relocate the Estate Works from Easebourne to Kennel Farm on Selham Road. Our concern here is with traffic flow, and there have been several local objections. We understand that the volume of traffic is not expected to differ significantly from that generated previously by the working farm.

In another planning application, Cowdray Estate has applied for consent to construct twelve tree houses, at two locations, to provide unique visitor accommodation. From an initial five possible locations, High Field Copse (to the East of Benbow Pond) and Lodge Wood (to the West of Cowdray House) have been selected. At this stage we are still reviewing the proposal.

Many thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to the day when we can meet again.


Harvey Tordoff