Cecil's Stedham

by Cecil Gilbert

During one of the Covid Lockdowns we were asked to help publish a memoir written by a Stedham man, Cecil Gilbert, who was born in 1899.  He recalls his childhood in Stedham before the First World War.  He mentions people (some familiar names such as West, Lintott, Christmas) and describes the village as it then was, before houses were built on the twenty-acre field.  However, it is not just of local interest; it is a valuable piece of social history.

It was too long to include in our bi-annual magazine but not long enough to publish as a book, so with the help of Hooli Design we created a special issue magazine.  It runs to 60 pages and is lavishly illustrated   The cover price is £5.00 but we can sell it for hand delivery to our local members at £4.00.  Please pay £6.00 if you would like it posted.

Payment can be made by bank transfer:
NatWest Bank, A/c 55029787, Midhurst Society, sort code 60-14-22
- on bank instruction please quote Cecil with your name and post code as reference
and then write to us with your full address.

"I read the Gilbert book at one sitting.  I think it's marvellous. What makes it (for me, of course) is the clever way you have kept some of the slightly amateurish touches which reflects exactly the content - and confirms its authenticity.  Wonderful stuff.  Only one criticism - I think you could charge £7 - 50 for it. "  ~ CD (former Stedham resident)

"I must say how impressed I am with it - a very professional, high-quality production and excellent value for money."  AF (Stedham)