Midhurst - A Brief History

Midhurst - A Brief History

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St Ann's Hill

As it says on the cover, this book, by Frances Johnson-Davies, is brief and therefore easy to read.  Historical facts are linked by quirky, lesser-known anecdotes.  It is lavishly illustrated by Max Wholey with reproductions of engravings and old prints by S G Grimm and evenothers.  Some of the content will be familiar to those who live here, but there will likely be a few surprises as well. It is a fascinating story.

Marina, The Viscountess Cowdray commented:

"I read this slender volume with the greatest pleasure and interest.  It is history brought forward as it should be: terse and pulsating, and well-written.  I warmly congratulate the author, its illustrator, and The Midhurst Society on a truly professional publication."

The book is out of print but second-hand copies are sometimes available

ISBN 0-9-5281480-3