The Midhurst Society

For everyone who cares about the heritage of Midhurst and the surrounding villages

The Society was formed in 1960 to stimulate public interest in Midhurst and the surrounding villages, promote high standards of planning and architecture, encourage the preservation, development and improvement of local features of historic and community interest, and engage with the public through meetings, lectures, exhibitions and publications.

The Society is as relevant today as it was half a century ago and by promoting preservation, an active heritage group can make a real difference.


What we do

We face a range of issues in protecting the cultural heritage of this special area, including planning proposals, housing developments, mineral extraction, large scale developments and, in Midhurst alone, protecting more than a hundred listed buildings. This can only happen with… [more]

Get involved

The Society exists for local residents and all those who value this very special area and who want to contribute to protecting its history and heritage.

As a member you can be involved in our activities, and make a positive contribution to Midhurst and the surrounding villages..[more]

How to join

Membership is available to individuals, couples and families so that everyone can be part of their local heritage society. Members are entitled to vote at general meetings and can attend all Society activities. They can also attend the Society‚Äôs lectures at a reduced rate….[more]