Midhurst In Living Memory


A history of the people by the people

An on-line archive of stories and memories of Midhurst and surrounding villages

Midhurst’s Oral History Project is called MIDHURST IN LIVING MEMORY

What is oral history?  It is the collecting, recording and preserving of personal experiences and observations of local people.  It takes the form of eye-witness accounts about the past, even the recent past, and is an invaluable way of recording the memories and experiences of older people.

“Midhurst in Living Memory” is an attempt to gather local history from those who lived in Midhurst in the twentieth century.  We hope it will become a valuable resource.  It is full of life and humour, joy and sadness and it is about the people of Midhurst.

The project has resulted in a book recording some of those memories, published in September 2010.  “Midhurst in Living Memory”.

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to Midhurst Past and Present